Wilfa Svart Precision Pourover

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The Wilfa Svart Precision is shaped by Wilfa's increased understanding of the science of coffee brewing, and technological innovations allowing for unparalleled precision and consistency. The result is a beautiful machine – and perfectly brewed coffee, every time.

Detachable water tank
Fresh, clean water is one of the most important ingredients in great coffee. For that reason Wilfa Svart Presisjon has a detachable water tank.

Right ratio of coffee to water
Follow the measurements of freshly ground coffee and water indicated on the water tank, set the flow control to match, and enjoy.

Flow Control
Wilfa Svart Precision has perfected the ratio between freshly ground coffee and fresh water. With the flow control you can adjust the amount of brewed coffee you intend to make and to your taste preferences. It's a feature I really like about the brewer as it not only prevents spills on the hotplate when the brewing is done (who likes that splash, sizzle sound?!) but also allows you to perform a controlled steep (either fully stopping or restricting the flow) of the brew before filtering it through into the carafe.

It features a 1.25 liter water tank although you don't have to fill it all the way up, it's great at brewing smaller quantities and full tanks, perfect for a brew for yourself or if (unlike me) you have friends...

Wilfa is a Norwegian-owned company established in 1948, and is today one of the leading suppliers of electric appliances in the Nordic region.

Wilfa is a leading brand with focus on design, quality, safety and innovation. Their vision is to create a better experience of everyday life, and to supply robust household products.

  • Water tank capacity: 1.25 litres
  • Brewing temperature: 92-96°C
  • Filters used: Size 4
  • Hotplate: Yes
  • Power: 1,680W
  • Product dimensions: 414 x 399 x 249mm
  • Product code: WSP-1B
  • Approved by NKI
  • Approved by Nemko
  • Comes with UK plug adaptor