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Let’s put some colour in that cup, shall we?

What we stand for

We’ve always gone the extra mile to bring new coffee experiences to our customers. The coffee world can sometimes feel a little complex, but we pride ourselves in making specialty coffee enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re a connoisseur or newbie, a single origin expert or a blend enthusiast, we’re always here to share the wisdom we’ve gained over the past 20 years and help you discover new coffees and classic favourites along the way. 

Because for us, the detail is where we thrive - more is more in the Hasbean world, and we revel in it. From our long-term, transparent relationships with farmers to the intricacies of our coffee notes and how we strive to roast each one perfectly for you. It’s how we get to excellence in everything we do and what drives us to continue sourcing remarkable flavours from every corner of the world. 

Want to move on to something a bit different? Welcome to the imaginatively progressive world of Hasbean. Let’s brew this. 

breaking new ground

  • We source from world-class producers who are paving the way for more sustainable and ethical coffee production.

  • Our long-term, transparent producer relationships around the world enable us to bring you an ever-changing variety of incredible coffee.

  • We’re unapologetically obsessed with the flavour and variety that can be found in specialty coffee, and we travel the world in search of the most exciting and diverse range.

  • You can think of Hasbean’s team of experts as your friendly coffee guides. We’re here to help you discover great coffees, wherever you are on your journey.

Thought leadership

Some ponderings from the Hasbean team...

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    We make the world of coffee far simpler (and more fun) for you to enjoy great coffee and discover flavours you love. And we wanted our new brand to show you that.

  • Coffee processing explained

    From honey processed to carbonic maceration, we give you the downlow on the many different ways coffee is processed to produce the unique flavours in our mug.

  • Varietals - the downlow

    A fancy way of saying variety in the coffee world, we chat through the different characteristics that define flavour.