Bolivia Finca Floripondio Washed SL34

Finca Floripondio is one of the most recent farms to be planted near Samaipata in Santa Cruz by the Rodriguez family, they've been experimenting with growing coffee in a region not at all known for coffee production and have been getting amazing results! The farm was planted in 2014, sits at an altitude of 1,710 metres above sea level and has 47.29 hectares of coffee-producing land.

Due to its high altitude, a tropical microclimate characterised by high humidity and at times cool temperatures, and a distinct soil profile, Floripondio is the ideal location for experimenting with different coffee varietals. To date, they've planted over 50 different varietals at the farm and hope to discover which are best suited to the land and this particular latitude and altitude. To separate the different varietals they've kept the original lemon and tangerine trees on the farm and also sell the fruit they produce at the local markets.

Floripondio gets its name from the Floripondio trees (commonly known as Angel's Trumpets in English) that are native to the area and grow on the farm. The flower is thought to possess some hallucinogenic properties, and legend has it that as soon as you lay down beneath a Floripondio tree you start dreaming! This is apr, as the natural scenery at Floripondio id breathtakingly beautiful and can at times seem like something out of a dream

SL34 was originally selected in Kenya the late 1930s at the Scott Agricultural Laboratories (for more on Scott Labs, see SL28). Individual tree selections made at the Scott Laboratories in Kenya during the 1935-1939 period were prefixed “SL.” SL34 was selected from a single tree on the Loresho Estate in Kabete, Kenya since research at the Scott Laboratories was often conducted in cooperation with local, private estate owners. The tree was labeled “French Mission.”

French missionaries known as Spiritans established a mission in 1893 at Bura (Taita Hills, Kenya), in which Bourbon coffee seeds originating from La Réunion island were planted. The seedlings from Bura were brought to another French Mission in Saint Austin (near Nairobi) in 1899, and from there seeds were distributed to settlers willing to grow coffee. This is the origin of so-called French Mission coffee.

Because of the historical movement of coffee seeds directly from La Réunion via the French missionaries, French Mission is widely understood to be another name for Bourbon. However, recent genetic tests have indicated that SL34 is related to the Typica genetic group. It is possible that the original story about SL34 being selected from a French Mission population could be incorrect.

A masterclass in elegance, this coffee is super clean and complex with bright pink grapefruit against sweet orange. Crisp and light upfront, it develops into a creamy finish and an aftertaste that reminds me of fresh raspberries.

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Department: Santa Cruz
  • Province: Florida
  • Municipality: Samaipata
  • Farm: Floripondio
  • Altitude: 1,710 m.a.s.l.
  • Coffee growing area: 47.29 hectares
  • Owners: Rodriguez family
  • Varietals grown: Java, Caturra, Bourbon, Ethiosar, SL28, SL34, Yellow Pacamara, Batian & San Bernardo
  • Processing method: Washed
  • Other farm products: Lemons & tangerines


Pink grapefruit, orange, raspberry

Clean cup: (18): 8
Sweetness: (18): 7
Acidity: (18): 7
Mouthfeel: (18): 6
Flavour: (18): 7
Aftertaste: (18): 6
Balance: (18): 6
Overall: (18): 8
Correction:(+36): +36

Total (max. 100): 91

Roast Information
Medium - a little lighter than most Bolivians, keep this pretty quick and drop it just before second crack begins.