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Bolivia Waliki Washed Typica

This coffee is from a very small lot so is super exclusive and only available to In My Mug subscribers (you lucky things!) which means we don't have any more for sale :( 



Waliki is an Ayamara greeting, meaning "how's everything?" to which the correct response is... "Waliki" meaning "all good". As the word is so ingrained into the local culture, the Rodriguez family (who own this farm) naturally decided it should be named just that, and here we are!

This is the first time we've bought any coffee from this farm as it's still very young (It was first planted in 2016!) But it has a great story behind it in that it is the first farm that the Rodriguez family have tried 100% Organic production of both Typicas and Javas to establish whether this is a reliable means of coffee production in Bolivia.

Although it's grown and farmed using Organic processes, the farm is yet to have official Organic certification, but we think it tastes awesome either way!


In the cup you'll get an up front zing which reminds me of green melon, but that doesn't last as sweet chocolate orange floods in immediately after. The texture is smooth and silky, enhancing that chocolate flavour

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Region: Caranavi
  • Farm: Waliki
  • Farm Size: 3.6 Hectares
  • Farmer: Los Rodriguez 
  • Altitude: 1650 m.a.s.l
  • Variety: Typica
  • Processing system: Mechanically Washed



Green Melon, Chocolate Orange, Silky

Clean Cup: (1-8): 6.5
Sweetness: (1-8): 7
Acidity: (1-8): 6
Mouthfeel: (1-8): 7
Flavour: (1-8): 6
Aftertaste: (1-8): 6
Balance: (1-8): 7
Overall: (1-8): 6
Correction:(+36): +36

Total (max 100): 87.5 

Roast information

Medium Dark - take it through first crack and slow it down a little to extend the development slightly, then increase the heat to reach the first pops of second just as you finish the roast.