Guadalupe Alberto ‘Beto’ Reyes Aguilar

Palencia, Guatemala

  • FARM
  • San Patricio El Limon
  • M.A.S.L.
  • 1,350 - 1,850
  • 2013

We've been sourcing Guatemalan coffee from the team at San Patricio since we were first introduced in 2013 by our mutual friend Raul Rodas (2012 World Barista Champion). As a team who love to experiment, the coffees produced by San Patricio El Limon just keep getting better.

Each member of the Reyes family plays a part in running of San Patricio El Limon. This includes Beto's wife Maralyn, their children Saul, Elena, Betio and his wife Mafer and Beto's brother Felix who runs their mill. In addition to the family, they employ a team of seven outside of harvest.

The farm is located an hour's drive to the east of Guatemala City in the small town of Palencia, which Beto is also the mayor of. It’s 18 hectares in size and sits at an altitude between 1,350–1,850 meters above sea level. The Reyes family have had a processing mill on-site since the beginning of their time on the farm. They recently invested in a rebuild, alongside the construction of a QC laboratory, new warehouse and accommodation for their employees.

Beto continues to invest in bettering the farm and its operations, and you can taste through this Guatemalan coffee that they're doing an incredible job!

San Patricio El Limon, Palencia, Guatemala | Hasbean
Betio Reyes, Beto's Son
San Patricio El Limon, Palencia, Guatemala | Hasbean
Views over the drying patios
San Patricio El Limon, Palencia, Guatemala | Hasbean
Coffee growing at San Patricio El Limon
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