1973 Mk4 2016

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40% El Salvador Piedre Del Afilar Natural
40% Bolivia Elda Choquehuanca Washed
20% Bolivia Estanislao Panuni Washed



What's the answer to everything? 1973, of course.

This is a little bit on an in-joke here at Has Bean, but ask the question to anything and I normally say '1973' before giving the real answer.

So why is this blend called '1973'? Well, because it's the answer to everything! Filter, espresso, cappuccino, flat white, Roland Glew, airports, and Chemex (you get the idea). Tired of taking two bottles into the shower? Then this is brew-and-go; you're looking at the answer to all your brewing needs.

As always, I'm not going to keep the components a secret from you ... 

  • 50% Bolivia Estanislao Panuni Washed
  • 25% Bolivia Don Carlos Caturra Washed
  • 25% Ethiopia Ana Sora Guji Natural

In the cup expect an amazing amount of balance – we're talking an acrobat on a high wire kinda balance here! Heaps of sweet chocolate work alongside a really nice controlled acidity; meanwhile, lurking in the background, there's a lovely natural funkiness.


balance, chocolate, funk, sweet,