Blake: Black Blend

Dark chocolate, walnut, currant, apple.

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This is Blake, our black blend. It celebrates a more syrupy, natural process-led espresso. Think dried fruit, dark chocolate and a rich mouthfeel.

The name Blake is a hat-tip to my old school Blake Comprehensive and also a nod to the origins of this blend, it was created to deliver a slightly more punchy 'oldschool' experience - so the name of my old school felt like a perfect fit!

Our range of coffees here at Hasbean change with the seasons so throughout the year different coffees come and go, as this happens we update our blends to reflect that seasonality. The coffees in this season’s Blake are...

  • 60% Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama Natural Yellow Bourbon
  • 20% Kenya Othaya Chinga Natural
  • 20% Yemen Markaz Ul Wadi Manqazah Traditional Natural

In the cup expect a mix of dark chocolate and walnuts. There's a sprinkle of currants in too, then just a shoulder of apple like acidity brings it all together.


Dark chocolate, walnut, currant, apple.

Roasting Information
Medium dark - slow it down once you reach crack and drop this with the very first pops of second crack.

Brew Recipe Recommendation
Dose: 19g
Yield: 35g
Time: 26-28 seconds

Blend Evolution
Black Hole
Black Tower
Black Beauty
Black Blend