Brew Rite Filter Papers

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  • The perfect companion for your Behmor Brazen! Brew up to 10 cups of delicious coffee in flat-bottomed basket-style coffee makers with these awesome filters from Brew Rite.

    Brew Rite filters use firm, crepe textured paper that filters out oils and gritty sediment, resulting in fantastically delicious brews. Made from 99% renewable wood pulp fibres, they are oxygen whitened so have not been anywhere near any chlorine or bleach.

    The filters fit fantastically into the filter basket of a Behmor Brazen and all other flat-bottomed 8-10 cup automatic coffee makers.

    • Flat-bottom coffee filters
    • Industry-standard wave-shaped filters
    • Filter size: 2.88"H x 3.25"W
    • Made of high-quality crepe-textured white paper
    • Oxygen whitened for a consistent and flavourful brew every time
    • No elemental chlorine or bleach used for whitening
    • Made with 99% renewable wood pulp fibres
    • Brew up to 8-10 cups of coffee
    • Compatible with many other 8-10 cup automatic coffee makers
    • Item code: 5501B
    • Manufacturer: Rockline Brew Rite