Brewista Smart Brew Digital Kettle

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Could this be the perfect solution for getting water to the temperature you want it at home?  I think so!  The days of having to faff and guesstimate the temperature of your water for brewed coffee could become sad memories of the distant past with the Brewista Smart Brew Digital Kettle!

Precise control over the temperature of your water is something you probably think you don't want or even need, but once you've had it there's just no going back!  How can you boil a kettle and just let it do its thing with no instruction?!  We all have a favourite temperature for our Chemex / AeroPress / Clever Dripper brews and with this you can say, "hey kettle, gimme water at 94 degrees!" and it'll happen!  Obviously not quite like that, it doesn't have voice control, but maybe in the future it will!  You have to press a few buttons but then in no time you'll have water at the temperature you want it.

Features include:

  • Auto start function: Like to have a coffee in the morning? Like to do as little as possible to get that coffee? You can set the kettle to come on at say, 0600hrs and your kettle will heat up at that time so it's ready for you to brew.
  • Displays kettle temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Displays actual water temperature in kettle even after power off
  • Allows user to set and hold water temperature for up to one hour
  • Preset temperatures for the most popular hot beverages
  • Easy grip handle for excellent pour control
  • Brushed Stainless finish
  • 1500W heating element for speedy water heating
  • 1.2 litre capacity
  • Cord storage wrap in base to keep your counter space clutter free
  • Retains last temperature settings when power off or unplugged

Want to see this fantastic thing in action?  See what it can do?  See how to make it work?  Check out the instructional video on YouTube...

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Brewista Smart Brew Digital Kettle Brewista Smart Brew Digital Kettle