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Have you ever looked at a teapot and thought, "hmm a little boring isn't it?  Am sure I could make one better!"  What do you mean no?!  Well the guys at HandyBrew did and look at the amazing thing they created!

We were introduced to these fantastic contraptions by Tea Sommelier Jennifer Farnell from Eight Ounce Coffee in Canada and haven't looked back since.

Usually when you brew a pot of tea the leaves only extract within the infuser, the rest of the water plays very little role in the brewing process.  With the Brewt your leaves are free to roam around the brewing water and extract to their full potential releasing all the goodness held within.

Tea brewing is also a beautiful process that often you don't get to enjoy, however through the Eastman Tritan BPA free polymer you get the pleasure of watching your tea leaves work their magic and infuse the water with their magic.

Once you reach your desired brew time simply place the brewer on top of a vessel and the tea will be drawn down through a clever valve that is only activated when placed on top of something, a fine filter will catch all the leaves and leave you with just tasty, delicious and perfectly brewed tea to enjoy.

Now you'd think that was all but no no no, the Brewt can also be used to brew coffee!  Very much in the same way as a Clever Dripper it can be used to get the best of both paper filter and full immersion brewing.  Using size 6 filters slightly folded along 1 side and at the bottom you can steep your coffee for as long as you desire and then utilise the clever valve to draw your coffee down through the filter producing tasty, clean and clear results!

I've got 1 in my kitchen, have you?

(we only have unboxed units available, these brewers should be priced at £22.00 but because we are not able to provide them with a box they are priced at £18.00 however they will (of course) be safely and securely packaged for shipping)

Brewt Brewt Brewt Brewt