Pallo Caffeine Wrench

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As versatile as a drawer full of tools and loaded with practical features; this handy device is ready to tackle many of the routine tasks and adjustments around the bar. Saves space too!


  • Steam wand tip wrench 8mm, 11mm, 12mm and 13mm
  • Portafilter basket remover/ flat screw driver Simply insert pry under basket lip and turn like a key to “Pop” basket out of handle. Use as screwdriver to disassemble group
  • Soft group gasket probe, gently press point into rubber group gasket to test freshness and flexibility. Can also be used to remove soft group gaskets for regular cleaning and maintenance and replacement. Will NOT work to remove E61-type pressure-fit group gaskets
  • Light duty screwdriver
  • Group bolt wrench
  • Milk residue scraper (mmmm scraped milk residue)
  • Thermometer calibrator
  • Handy bottle opener for beer o'clock ; )

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