Clever Dripper


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  • Clever Drippers are made with Eastman Triton BPA free plastic so you're getting a sturdy and durable brewer with a delightful new ergonomic handle.

    The shutoff valve has been redesigned to make cleaning an easier process, the seal is much more easily removable and the entire coffee-dropping mechanism is now much improved.

    The Clever Dripper provides all the wonderful flavour of full immersion brewing mixed with the filtration of pour-over brewing.  The main chamber allows you to immerse the grounds for as long as you like and then once you pop the brewer on top of a mug the clever mechanism will allow the coffee to pass through a paper filter into the mug without any sediment.

    All colours are supplied with a pack of 100 flat bottomed filter papers to get you going, if you'd like more or have run out and would like more we have them! Filtropa size 4 for 500ml drippers.

    • Supplied with a lid to aid heat retention
    • Supplied with a coaster to help keep sides clean
    • Eastman Triton BPA construction
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Not dishwasher or microwave-safe
    • 300ml brewer: 100mm * 112mm * 118mm
    • 500ml brewer: 104mm * 133mm * 143mm
    • For 300ml brewer use size 2 flat bottom filters
    • For 500ml brewer use size 4 flat-bottom filters
    • 300ml EAN: 4715838466626
    • 500ml EAN: 4715838467746

Clever Dripper Brew Guide

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How to brew a Clever Dripper

Coffee: 15g - Medium grind
Water: 250g, 95ºC

- Wet filter
- On scales, add 15g coffee
- Start timer and add 250g of water
- Stir for 15 seconds
- Put lid on and wait until brewed for 2:15
- Place brewer on cup.
- Leave for around 3:00 - 3:30 on your timer

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