Cores Gold Filter Brewer


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  • A high-quality gold filter with a clear plastic holder that produces excellent quality coffee.

    Available in 2 sizes, C240 which brews between 1 and 5 cups then the larger C280 which brews between 1 and 10 cups. 

    The instructions included with the brewer are in Japanese and we don't expect you to learn a new language just to enjoy your new coffee toy! You can find out more details on the Cores website here.

    In 2012, Oishi and Associates Ltd. launched “Cores”, a brand for coffee-related appliances and tools, hoping for many people to enjoy their coffee time by using good quality appliances with ease. They believe the original taste of coffee can be enhanced by using special appliances.

    What does Cores mean?  Let us ask the lovely people from Oishi and Associates Ltd..."“Cores” means “colour” in Portuguese. Cores put our wishes in this brand name that want many people to enjoy their coffee life in their own way by adding colour with our Cores products and want them to know much more about coffee’s allure."