Costa Rica Dona Daisy Finca Don Pepe Red Honey Geisha

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Lemon, white sugar, floral, orange.



Last year we were super excited to have coffee from this farm for the very first time, with extra excitement sprinkled on top because that was also the very first year it had produced coffee! We loved it and you loved it and here we are in 2018 welcoming back Dona Daisy Finca Don Pepe for a second year.

It's a little bit of an unusual farm because they only grow Geisha, and it's all on a small plot next to the owner's home! I don't have a garden at home, but wow I would love a Geisha garden : D

Finca Don Pepe is owned and run by Jose and Daisy Fallas. They live on the farm with their two children and two grandchildren. The farm sits at an altitude of 1,700 metres above sea level in the San Jose municipality, which is in Costa Rica's Central Valley.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, this coffee is of the Geisha varietal, which can be a bit of a controversial varietal sometimes. It used to be extremely rare but is starting to crop up in more and more places. It was made famous by Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda and the Best of Panama Auction, which is held by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama.

Geisha was a little known varietal and was originally introduced to Central America in Costa Rica (1953) – not in Panama, as many think. Originally from the south western Ethiopian town of Gesha, it's an heirloom (or should I say, wild) varietal that's low yielding and has thin and spindly branches open to strong winds, and is as pest friendly as they come (although it is resistant to coffee rust!). The leaves are very long and thin, too, and the plant grows very tall (if not a little gangly).

In the cup you get sweet lemon and white sugar. There's a delicate floral perfume that sneaks in before that citrus rounds out into juicy orange on the finish.

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Region: Central Valley
  • Municipality: San Jose
  • Town: San Jose
  • Farm: Finca Don Pepe
  • Mill: Dona Daisy
  • Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l.
  • Owner: Jose and Daisy Fallas
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Processing: Red Honey


Lemon, white sugar, floral, orange.

Clean cup: (1–8): 6
Sweetness: (18): 7
Acidity: (18): 7
Mouthfeel: (18): 6
Flavour: (18): 7
Aftertaste: (18): 6.5
Balance: (18): 6.5
Overall: (18): 7
Correction: (+36): +36

Total: (max. 100): 89

Roasting Information
Medium - let first crack finish and don't let it get anywhere near second.

"Quick Look" Guide
Lemon, white sugar, floral, orange.