Darjeeling Moonshine

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At Has Bean we know coffee, but we also enjoy tea and in order to provide it we needed some expert help to deliver the quality you expect from us.  We are really proud to be working with Waterloo Tea to offer some of the most amazing and delicious teas we've ever come across.  Kas, the owner of Waterloo is the tea expert we look to for all our loose leaf teas offerings and we've been rewarded with some super special brews.

This Moonshine First Flush tea is the very first harvest of the new spring season. Processed almost like a white tea, it is made up of only the most tender shoots in very small batches.

The ambient temperature of the spring air is perfect for a natural wither, and a gentle roll with very little pressure, along with the slightest touch of oxidation allows the leaves to remain intact right through to the final infusion.

The aroma is flowery, breezy with hints of fresh hay. The cup is a clear with a hint of lemon in colour. Its flavour is delicate and sweet, yet subtle on the palate, with a ‘lily of the valley’ floral warmth and hints of the softest peach.

We recommend brewing with 1g of tea for every 100ml of water you are using, 85°C water and a brew time of 4 minutes.

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