Geisha Tasting Pack


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  • Costa Rica is a country where we feel we do some of our very best sourcing work, it was the first producing country our Green Buyer Roland visited way back in 2015 and has held a special place in his heart ever since. The country produces some truly exceptional tiny lots of coffee that we love to get our hands on whenever we can and we're hugely excited to share 3 of them with you in a special Geisha Tasting Pack.

    Containing 3 different Geisha varietal coffees, this pack is a real showcase of amazing growing and processing from 3 of our producing partners in Costa Rica. All 3 coffees will be freshly roasted to order and sent to you at the same time.

    Costa Rica: Edition 22.045
    We've been buying coffee from Los Hermanos Aguilera since 2007 and Finca Licho has been a solid favourite with a lot of you year after year. It took us a little time to gain the trust of the Aguilera's and to get our hands on the Geisha they grew but wow was it worth the wait. Their Red Honey processed lot is clean, complex and balanced with tasting notes of orange blossom, honey, and lime zest.

    Costa Rica: Edition 22.016
    Daisy and Jose Fallas are rather unique for coffee producers in Costa Rica as they grow almost exclusively Geisha! It all grows on a small plot of land next to their house and they even dry the cherry on their roof which overlooks the town of San Jose from 1,700 m.a.s.l. The second Red Honey processed lot in this pack (a very popular processing method in Costa Rica to help conserve water) is like sipping a fresh bunch of flowers with a glass of fruit juice, with tasting notes of pineapple, passionfruit, and green apple, you know you're in for a floral and fruity treat.

    Costa Rica: Edition 22.046
    ARBAR was the first farm Roland really fell in love with, the people and the coffee connected with Mr Glew and his visits to see Carlos, Maria and their family in Lourdes de Naranjo have become a huge highlight of his coffee buying travel schedule. A Yellow Honey processed lot provides a little more stickiness to this coffee than the other 2 and you can expect tasting notes of lemon icing, grapefruit, black tea and digestive biscuit.

  • In this pack, you will receive 3 x 125g bags of coffee. Here's what's included

  • This pack contains three separate bags of coffee; all will contain a 125g measure.

    All three coffees will be roasted on the same day and shipped together at the same time.

    Orders placed before 07:30 a.m. will be roasted to order Monday to Friday and shipped that day. Any orders received after 07:30 a.m. will carry over to the following working day for roasting and shipping.

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