Alejandro Martinez Gnome T-Shirt

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Created especially for In My Mug Live with Alejandro Martinez of Finca Argentina at the London Coffee Festival here we have on offer some super rare t-shirts!

Just in case you didn't know, Alejandro loves gnomes! They're definitely his favourite of all the woodland creatures...shh, don't tell him they don't live out there in the wild!)  He's the man responsible for the amazing coffees from Finca Argentina (thus the shirt!) in El Salvador and, of course, likes a bit of football.

His let slip his love of gnomes during a boozy session at his home where he began to tell me how the gnomes live in the soil and push up all the coffee plants (this comes from the Rudolf Steiner school of Bio Dynamic growing). Never one to miss an opportunity to make fun of some one, this has now stuck. Luckily for me Alejandro is a good enough friend to take this kind of banter on the chin. 

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