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weekly subscription for Japan ONLY

¥1,850.00 per week
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This is the chance to receive a bag of coffee each week from our videocast In My Mug via a rolling PayPal recurring payment option.

Each week ¥1,850.00 JPY will be deducted from your PayPal account and you will receive a bag of freshly roasted coffee through your door.  There is a minimum of 12 deliveries but after that you are free to cancel whenever you wish.

You will receive one 250g bag of the featured coffee without the need for coupons, discount codes or online ordering.  Keep in mind that previous broadcasts have featured Cup of Excellence coffees, and some of the most exciting new crops.  For more details on coffees previously sent out please have a look at the subscription archive http://www.inmymug.com/episodes.

Easy coffee through your door every week and over a 12 week period each one will always be different, pushing you to try different coffees.  All the coffees bought through the subscription have postage to Japan included and some of them are from our higher priced range.

No need to renew once your initial time has gone: it will just keep rolling for as long as you want.

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