Kalita Wave Sandstone Dripper


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  • The Kalita Wave series are pour over brewers perfect for everyone from beginners to professional baristas. This is Kalita's original product series, designed so that anyone can easily enjoy the best tasting coffee.

    The unique 20-waved shape of the matching filters reduces surface contact between the sides of the brewer and liquid inside - this increased airflow speeds up drawdown, stopping your brew from stalling and over extracting. The Wave brewer also features a flat bottom with multiple drainage holes, helping you maintain a consistent extraction across the entire width of your brew bed.

    Simple to use for a swift and clean brew, ensuring only deliciousness drips into your cup!

    Kalita have teamed up with the modern day producers of Hasami to create a special version of their ceramic Wave dripper. Currently we only have these available in Kalita's 155 size and are sadly sold out of the larger 185 size.

    "If you use good bowls for a long time, your attachment will also grow up.I am happy that this dripper will be a source of a breath in the busy everyday"

    The newest addition to the Kalita Wave family - a collaboration between Kalita and Hasami. These beautiful new drippers are a special blend of warm-coloured "Sagan" (sandstone in Japanese) and Hasami's signature Amakusa Touseki potter's stone.

    Located in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, Hasami Town is a village famous for it's high quality pottery that has been around since the Azuchi-Momoyama period. The town of Hasami has been proudly producing world-class ceramics for about 400 years . Even now, many people locally are involved in the ceramic industry and are known for excellence in design, function, and quality. This collaboration between Kalita and Hasami allowed the creation of a brewer that is both slim and sturdy, a perfect merging of light weight and lasting durability. Each is handcrafted by experienced artisans, and the level of craftsmanship is exhibited by its quality.

    Each dripper is handmade and features the "Hasami" stamp on the bottom as proof of authenticity and true Hasami quality. Due to the handmade, artisanal nature of this product there may be some small imperfections and visual differences, each item will look a little different from the next. Any variance will be within tolerance and will not affect the brewing process. Do not expect mass-made uniformity, these have been handmade. 

    Body size (mm):

    • 155: 120 × 100 × 68
    • 185: 143 × 116 × 80
    Weight (g):
    • 155: 280
    • 185: 365
    • 155: SG155
    • 185: SG185

    Materials: Ceramic, sandstone

    Country of manufacture: Japan

    Hand wash only

    These drippers do not come with filter papers but you can get yourself some here.

    For a 155 brew we like to use 300ml of water and for a 185 brew we like to use 500ml of water, but you are of course welcome to brew with them however you like.

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