KeepCup Booster


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  • The Booster is designed to increase the usability of your KeepCup Brew. The booster increases durability, retains heat and protects touch.

    You can create your own LongPlay by purchasing a booster and band combo that can be retro fitted to your 12oz Brew.

    The booster is available in 12oz and in clear tritan only. The 12oz Booster is compatible with the 12oz Brew KeepCups only.

    Make functional by removing existing band and replacing with new band and booster.

    Details on how to assemble can be found here and below.

    • Available in 12oz
    • Assembled with 2 parts. Designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning
    • #7 plastic booster which is recyclable at end of life
    • One-year warranty on defects and faults
    • Dishwasher safe on top shelf, for best results hand wash. Further care instructions here
    • Do not heat over 100 degrees

    Booster Black comes with a Black band (pantone Black 3c).

    KeepCups mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups. They do this by delivering sustainably made products that are fit for purpose in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how they think about convenience culture.

    They want to create a global brand and to be one of the organisations that kick started the demise of the disposable.

    Through the widespread sales of KeepCup they want cafes to lift reuse rates to 40% reusables in the “to go” environment. Implicit in this objective is the knowledge that brand in hand is the most effective way to drive reuse behaviour.

    For more information about KeepCup please visit their website here.