Pallo Steamy Wanda


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  • Don’t stress over your steam wand’s inner walls!

    Sure, you purge after steaming milk, but did you know that mineral deposits on the inner walls can prevent a complete purge? As the machine cools down, a partial vacuum is formed in the system which can result in the residual milk getting sucked up into the boiler.

    Use our Steamy Wanda brush for cleaning steam wands and portafilter spouts on your espresso machine. Avoid untwisting the wire on the Steamy Wanda by always using an up and down motion when cleaning.

    • Unique rounded tip prevents gouging and scratching.
    • Comfortable ergonomic handle for better grip
    • Special heat resistant bristles last longer
    • Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.5 x 2.2 inches (6mm ID wand)
    • Available in green (small size)