Peppermint Rooibos (50g)

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At Has Bean, we know coffee. But we also enjoy tea and in order to provide it we needed some expert help to deliver the quality you expect from us. We are really proud to be working with Waterloo Gardens Teahouse to offer some of the most amazing and delicious teas I have ever come across. Kas, the owner of Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, is the tea expert we look to for all our loose leaf teas offerings and we've been rewarded with some super special brews.

This was the first place winner (Mint) at the 2008 World Tea Championships. Peppermint Rooibos has a deep red infusion with a fresh minty flavour and aroma. The rooibos in the blend completes the drink, rounding off the mint with a sweet edge. 

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