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  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please give a big round of applause and a warm Hasbean welcome to the Puqpress 👋

    Nowadays baristas need to have a serious think about their bodies as tamp tamp tamping coffee all the time can cause a lot of wear and tear. Some have sore wrists, sore elbows, sore shoulders, sore backs, and these aches can lead to personal owies and espresso preparation oopsies. What's a great way to help reduce such things? Automatic tamping!

    The Puqpress can help you improve consistency if you're making just a few drinks a week or if you're making many many many per day, get a perfectly flat and level tamp every time with minimum fuss!

    Perfectly Level
    No matter which staff member makes coffee, tamping levels will always be perfectly level due to the unique, patented clamping mechanism. Perfect tamping means; better espresso shots and reduced barista calibration.

    Consistent Pressure
    Tamping pressure is digitally adjustable from 10kg to 30kg of force to ensure 100% consistency between baristas. Guaranteed to reduce barista injuries and fatigue caused by manual tamping.


    • Save Time: with an average pressing time of under 1.4 seconds, the Puqpress is much faster than manual tamping.
    • Make Consistent Coffee: with an average failure rate of >1% the Puqpress Automatic Coffee tamper will always leave your customers satisfied.
    • Reduce Training Costs: without the need to teach barista's how to manually tamp the heads, and ensuring it's done correctly, you can spend more time looking after your customers.
    • Remove injury risk: repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are the leading factor for compensation claims in the coffee industry, with a staggering 40% of long term baristas making a claim.
    • Gain a Hand: say goodbye to the painful process of having to put something down, like the milk jug, to pick up the manual tamp!
    • Reduce Spoilage: there is no channelling shots when using Puqpress correctly, saving on coffee and ensuring the customer is out the door on time.

      Want to see Puqpress in action? Click on the image below...