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Jorge Fernandez & Rick Wells



Have you ever been to a Fernandez & Wells?  If the answer is yes, well done, awesome aren't they?!  If the answer is no, *ahem* c'mon now it's about time you did!

F&W operate six independent cafés in central London that specialise in coffee, sourdough-based cakes & bread, wine, cured meats & cheese...basically all the best things in life!  They're located on Denmark Street, Duke Street, Lexington Street, Beak Street, Exhibition Road & at Somerset House, 6 beautiful locations that I always do my best to visit at least 1 of when I'm in London.

The 2 gentlemen behind F&W Jorge Fernandez & Rick Wells (can you see where the name came from?) have created a book called Rustic to celebrate honest food and bringing people together, they wanted to share the recipes that define their philosophy – that the best things in life are simple.

The recipes are made for sharing with friends and family with a cup of coffee or a glass of fine wine in hand. Delicious food doesn’t have to take hours to be a success – try the Moroccan cooked tomato salad Taktouka, or caramelized onion tortilla for a simple supper with friends that is sure to satisfy. The humble sandwich is transformed into a hearty meal using quality ingredients such as grilled chorizo, peppers and rocket on sourdough. The baking recipes are inspiring and moreish – the roast apple olive oil cake with butter and burnt sugar glaze will undoubtedly become a favourite!

  • Authors: Jorge Fernandez & Rick Wells
  • Date published: October 22nd, 2015
  • ISBN: 9781784880118
  • Format: Hardback
  • Details: 240 pages - 190mm x 248mm