Rwanda: Edition 22.030

Nyarubuye Washing Station

  • Flavour profile Orange, chocolate, malt, plum
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Bourbon
  • Roast Medium


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  • This coffee from the Nyarubuye Washing Station is 100% Red Bourbon grown in the Twumba Sector, Karongi District in the western Province of Rwanda. Located near Nyungwe forest, this area constitutes of large range of high chained mountains of the country with altitude ranging between 2,000-2,200 metres above sea level.

    Currently, Nyarubuye Washing Station works with over 256 individual coffee producers who supply their coffee directly to the Washing Station and totals around 250 tons of coffee cherries per season! 

    This coffee is processed with the fully washed processing method, using natural spring water from high mountains located near Nyungwe forest.

    Farmers who deliver their cherry to Nyarubuye are trained to harvest only ripe coffee cherries from the trees on their farms. During the harvest, Nyarubuye has very strict routines for cherry reception and sorting, cherry delivered by farmers must already be sorted by the farmers themselves, if this is not done sufficiently there are staff who will do further sorting with the farmers and also help provide advice for future harvests. The cherries are placed in a tank prior to pulping where those that float are removed and processed separately as lower grade coffee.

    Chocolate and orange in perfect harmony, with juicy fruit cutting through the sweet and creamy chocolate. There's a malty edge which appears as it cools and plum on the aftertaste for a very moreish mug!

    • Country: Rwanda
    • Province: Western
    • District: Nyamasheke
    • Sector: Mahembe
    • Washing station: Nyarubuye
    • Elevation: 2,000-2,200 m.a.s.l.
    • Producers: 256 individuals
    • Processing method: Fully washed
    • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Orange, chocolate, malt, plum

    • Clean cup: (1–8): 6.5
    • Sweetness: (1–8): 7.5
    • Acidity: (1–8): 6.5
    • Mouthfeel: (1–8): 6.5
    • Flavour: (1–8): 7
    • Aftertaste: (1–8): 6.5
    • Balance: (1–8): 6.5
    • Overall: (1–8): 8
    • Correction:(+36): +36
    • Total (max. 100): 91

    Roast Information:
    Medium - through first and allow it to slow very very slightly as you get towards the edge of second, but keep the roast before any second starts.

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Nyarubuye Washing Station

Mahembe is a family-owned company, founded by Justin Musabyimana in 2010. Their vision is to become a regional leader in terms of coffee quality and consistently differentiating themselves by delivering the best product through a completely sustainable and transparent value chain that significantly contributes to the better lives of farmers.

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