Sencha Kagoshima

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At Has Bean we know coffee, but we also enjoy tea and in order to provide it we needed some expert help to deliver the quality you expect from us.  We are really proud to be working with Waterloo Tea to offer some of the most amazing and delicious teas we've ever come across.  Kas, the owner of Waterloo is the tea expert we look to for all our loose leaf teas offerings and we've been rewarded with some super special brews.

This is the most beloved tea of Japan. Developed in the 18th century, the process of making Sencha has evolved into the art and science of preserving the fresh green character and healthy components of tealeaves.

This Sencha is organically cultivated in Kagoshima, Japan, where the beneficial climate, rich volcanic soil and abundant hot springs give the tea a deep juicy flavour.

We recommend brewing with slightly more tea than usual for Sencha, if you are brewing with 500ml of water try 6g of water instead of the usual 5g (normally 1g of tea for every 100ml of water). Heat the water to 60°C and brew for 1 minute, pour a small amount and taste, if you enjoy what you taste serve immediately, if the brew seems underdeveloped allow to brew to continue extracting, check regularly and do not allow the total brew time to exceed 2 minutes.

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