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Slayer 1 group is the professional Barista’s dream machine. This revolutionary machine is designed to be small enough to fit in your personal kitchen, light enough to carry to a pop-up cafe and powerful enough to handle continuous steaming and brewing.



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Introducing the new Slayer 1 group

This commercial espresso machine utilizes power management software that only powers one heating element at a time to ensure continuous powerful dry steam and accurate brew temperature stability, while minimizing the necessary breaker size. Steam pressure is controlled via a pressure transducer, which provides much more accuracy and responsiveness compared to the thermocouples or pressurestats found on other machines. With the Slayer 1 group, as soon as the steam valve is opened, the heating element is activated to create the necessary pressure to properly texturize the milk. Slayer now has six different sized steam tips that can be quickly changed without tools or thread tape, thanks to a self sealing o-ring. When combined with easily adjusted steam pressures (from 1 to 2 bars) this allows Baristas to fine tune the steam performance to suit their preference or needs.

As with our commercial 2 & 3 Group machines, the Slayer 1 group comes standard with an adjustable needle- valve to control the pre-brew flow rate, allowing Baristas to flavor-profile their coffees. In addition to flow-rate control for pre-brew, Baristas now have the ability to set a different pre-brew pressure as well as a secondary brew pressure (either higher or lower than the standard brew pressure).

This new brew architecture gives Baristas ultimate control and repeatability when pulling shots. Additional standard features include Peruvian walnut brew actuators and portafilter handles, the Slayer shot-mirror, precision sand-casted X’s and commercial quality internal parts throughout the machine. New to the Slayer 1 group is our custom electronics and unobtrusive digital touch display, which eliminates the need for buttons and allows Slayer to maintain its trademark less-is-more approach, putting the focus where it should be - on the coffee.

Slayer - Make Coffee Better

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Slayer 1 Group Slayer 1 Group Slayer 1 Group Slayer 1 Group