Solo Traveler Lids

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If you are interested in ordering Solo lids from outside the United Kingdom please email us at Due to some challenges with shipping it's a little easier with a human touch.

White or black plastic traveler lids from a name you can trust, Solo are used across the world and recognised for their quality and performance.

The following lids fit the following cups...

  • 4oz white lids (VL34R) fit 4oz (374W) paper cups.
  • 6oz/8oz black lids (TL38B) and 6oz/8oz white lids (TL38R) fit 6oz (366W) and 8oz (378W) paper cups.
  • 12oz/16oz black lids (T316B) and 12oz/16oz white lids (T316R) fit 12oz (412WN) and 16oz (316W) paper cups.

All lids come in a box of 1000.