Steve's Super Secret Stash Subscription 2017

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After the ROARING success of #SSSSS through 2015 and 2016 I'm delighted to announce that it's back for another year! Thanks to your emails, social media messages, carrier pigeons and prezzies in the post I've decided to share my secret stash with you all again throughout 2017 🦁  just like last year there are 300 spaces and only 300 spaces, once they're gone they're gone! 300, act fast! 

If you're new to this and are wondering what on earth I'm waffling on about please allow me to explain. There are coffees every year that don't make it to the website, coffees that remain secrets, you might see them pop up in a blend or as a tiny coffee shop exclusive but usually they're hidden away.  After sharing these coffees for the first time ever in 2015 and then again in 2016 I'm going to let you into my super secret stash once more.

Each month throughout 2017 you'll be sent a 250g bag of a coffee that you won't be able to get anywhere else.  It won't be on the website, it won't be for sale...the only way to get this coffee will be to be a subscriber, otherwise I'm keeping it all for myself!

There will be 300 places available and once they're all sold the subscription will close and disappear.  The lights will be turned down, the music will be turned up and the lock in will begin.

The first bag of the subscription will be roasted + posted at the start of January, all other bags will be dispatched to arrive in time for the 1st of each month.

You can only order this subscription on its own, not with any other items.  If you try your path will be blocked, you will be thwarted and punished for your disobedience.  Don't make me go all Gandalf on you...

Shipping within the United Kingdom then Royal Mail First Class postage is included in the price.  If you live elsewhere in the world there will be an additional fee to cover what Royal Mail charge me for international postage, this will vary depending on where you are.

This subscription is only available as roasted whole beans, no grinding options.

Orders will be marked as shipped as we pass through the final days of 2016 but please don't worry or be concerned or fret, the first bag of coffee will be sent in January not December, we're just keeping everything nice + clean + tidy : )