Standart Magazine - Issue 23: Punks, diodes, and coffee


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  • In Standart Issue 23, they turn our gaze towards the future, and to this end many of the articles have a futuristic, even nerdy flavour, from electronics, to robots, to ponderings on whether we’ll all soon be taking our coffee in milkshake form!

    Standart speaks to fermentation designer Lucia Solis about coffee processing, take a deep dive into who actually invented the first espresso machine, drink in life lessons and advice from World Barista Championship boss Cindy Ludviksen, and survey some of the wackier coffee patents filed over the past century.

    To round it all out, take an anthropological amble through a rural Turkish village where chickpea coffee is drunk practically non-stop, before skirting the Black Sea and trekking towards the Georgian capital, Tbilisi for a beautifully wrought and atmospheric treatment of its coffee history and wider culture.