The Secret Stash 2024


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  • Since 2015 we've run something rather special behind the scenes here at Hasbean, and after another successful year in 2023, we are doing it again in 2024.

    Our Secret Stash subscription sends out 12 coffees a year that are either too small to be listed on our website or, where we do have enough to offer it more widely, you get early access to some of our rarest and most interesting lots. All deliveries are accompanied by a newsletter explaining why we love the coffee and think it's worthy of being roasted for The Secret Stash.

    To give you an idea of the kind of coffees you'll be receiving, here are some highlights from 2023

    • Colombia Jairo Arcila 200-hour Natural Chilli Bourbon (funky, bruised fruit, molasses, raisin, chocolate, chilli)
    • Thailand Sirinya Mossto Natural (plum, pear, honey)
    • Costa Rica Sumava de Lourdes Natural Pacamara (blueberry, bubblegum, funky, sweet lemon, lime)
    • Thailand Wynya Black Honey Typica & Catuai (lime, brown sugar, malted milkshake)
    • Bolivia La Llama Washed Ethiosar (brown sugar, nutmeg, banana, dried apricot)
    • Honduras La Orquidea Anaerobic Honey Pacas (dark chocolate, cherry, blackberry jam, lime zest)

    Just like in previous years, there are 300 spaces...and only 300 spaces, so act fast! When the last few are sold, the subscription will close and disappear.

    If you're located outside the UK, please get in touch with us via the form here to place an order. Since the UK left the EU, international deliveries have become tricky and our website isn't quite clever enough to deal with things so a human touch is needed.

    Some additional information that may help with any questions you may have can be found in the more information section below.

  • The first bag of the subscription will be roasted and posted during the first week of 2023.

    All subsequent bags will be roasted and posted during the final week of each month with the aim of them arriving with you during the first calendar week of the next month.

    If you order this subscription with any other items, The Secret Stash portion will be held until January 2023 and any other items will be dispatched separately.

    All Secret Stash coffees will be sent out in our kraft paper mailers which are fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. Our coffee bags are compostable. For information, please click here.

    Coffees featured on The Secret Stash will either be exclusive to The Secret Stash where we are able to source exclusive lots just for The Secret Stash or, when we feature slightly larger lots, you will receive a bag of coffee before we launch it publicly on our website. Most bags will contain a 220g measure but there will  occasionally be smaller measures (e.g. 200g or 125g) when lots are particularly limited (which always means they're going to be particularly amazing too!)

    If you're within the United Kingdom, Royal Mail Second Class postage is included in the price. If you live elsewhere in the world, there will be an additional fee to cover what Royal Mail charges us for international postage.

    If you're outside the United Kingdom and place an order without contacting us first (as requested in the main product description), we will be in touch to arrange for the extra fees to be paid, or for the order to be cancelled and refunded. Unfortunately, our website is not quite clever enough to calculate international delivery and/or IOSS for this subscription when ordered for delivery outside the UK so, please contact us before ordering.

    If you're not offered a shipping rate, please get in touch with us here.

    If you want to order more than one subscription, that's totally cool. Please get in touch with us here as we can sort everything over email really easily.

    Orders will be marked as fulfilled throughout the months of November and December to keep things tidy behind the scenes for us here at Hasbean Towers so please don't be alarmed if you receive a shipping notification before January. You will be sent a newsletter when the first coffee is sent out in January.

    Question not answered above? Sorry about that 🙁 please get in touch with us here and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!