The Coffee Roaster's Companion

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Coffee roasting has always been something of a dark art.  Although people have been roasting coffee for hundreds of years, little prescriptive or scientific writing about roasting exists.  At best, roasters learn their trade by apprenticing under an experienced, competent roaster.  More commonly, young roasters learn by trial and error, roasting and tasting countless batches, and develop a system based on folklore and spurious reasoning.

Lets hear from Scott what the book's all about...

This book is meant to be a reference for any roaster, whether a beginner or a professional.  For our purposes, I will focus on light-to-medium roasting of specialty coffee processed in a batch drum roaster in 8-16 minutes.  Most of what I will discuss also applies to continuous roasters, high-yield roasters, fluid-bed roasters, and other roasting technologies.  However, I will not often refer to such roasting machines directly.

I implore the reader to study this enture book and not focus solely on the "how to" chapters.  Experience with my previous books has taught me that readers who cherry-pick the parts that appeal to them end up missing some of the big picture, leading them to misapply some recommendations.

For a sneak peak inside the book make sure to click here.

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The Coffee Roaster's Companion The Coffee Roaster's Companion The Coffee Roaster's Companion The Coffee Roaster's Companion