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  • To celebrate 5 extraordinary coffees we're currently roasting, we present to you - The Luxe Lot - a miniature 5-week subscription where we'll send you 1 bag of exceptional 125g coffee each week (plus one sneaky 250g bag to boot).

    We're always proud of the diverse range of specialty coffees we offer throughout the year but felt that right now we're in a particularly good place with some real gems here at the roastery. You can try all 3 of our Costa Rican Geishas at once in our Geisha Tasting Pack but with this little subscription you can spread out the amazing coffee over a slightly longer time period to really help keep things fresh - we know not everyone can get through 3 bags of Geisha super quickly!

    Our Green Buyer, Roland, purchased these coffees as part of his regular buying but they're all anything but regular coffees and we've been so very excited to release them. At the time of writing, 3 of the 5 are available on our website and the other 2 aren't - 1 is from the Costa Rica Exclusive and Exotic Varietals Collection (EEVC) and the other is from this year's Ipanema Estates Premier Cru range, "Anima Verde". Each coffee is unique, distinct, and as I'm sure you'll appreciate the very most - utterly delicious. So why not treat your tastebuds to something incredible over the next 2 months and stock coffee corner in your kitchen with some truly luxurious lots.

  • You will receive 5 different bags of coffee over 5 weeks to give your summer a luxuriously caffeinated feeling that it's never had before! Roasting every Wednesday and with you over the following 2-3 days, this is the perfect accompaniment to an already existing coffee subscription to add a little luxury boost to your caffeine supplies.

    In no particular order, the coffees you receive will be...

    Brazil: Edition 22.047 (Ipanema Premier Cru C26 Red Fruit Anaerobic Yellow Catuai - 250g
    Starting with biscuity sweetness, the red fruits in this cup come as a wave of raspberry which builds slowly with each sip. A finish of raisin and hazelnut becomes more prominent as the cup cools - if it lasts that long.

    Costa Rica: Edition 22.046 (ARBAR Yellow Honey Geisha) - 125g
    Lemon icing comes through first alongside a little nudge of grapefruit, but as it cools a black tea comes to the fore - but extra sweet, like you've dipped a digestive biscuit in it! The florals come on the finish, lingering into the aftertaste.

    Costa Rica: Editions 22.016 (Finca Don Pepe Red Honey Geisha) - 125g
    A bunch of flowers collides with fresh fruit juice in a burst of flavours! The florals take the lead but are backed up by a sweet mix of pineapple and passionfruit, whilst a little green apple edge appears as it cools.

    Costa Rica: Edition 22.045 (Finca Licho Red Honey Geisha) - 125g
    The floral burst of orange blossom comes first, with the rolling sweetness of honey and a silky body following. Clean, complex and balanced, the cup ends with lime zest on the aftertaste.

    Costa Rica: Edition 22.042 (ARBAR EEVC Natural SL-28) - 125g
    An exceptionally elegant and clean natural which screams blackberry crumble. Delicate hints of lime add complexity onto the layers of sweet, soft brown sugar. But the juicy blackberries are the star here and provide a beautifully balanced but full flavour cup.

  • For a 1-off payment of £56.00 we will send you a bag of coffee once a week for 5 weeks, so that's 5 bags of coffee in total. All bags will be sent separately over 5 weeks as a subscription, not all at once. 4 of the 5 weeks your bag will be from our limited 125g range and 1 week your bag will be from our regular 250g range, but you will always be saving money by subscribing versus paying the full website price.

    Coffees will be roasted and posted via Royal Mail Second Class every Wednesday with the delivery aim of them arriving Thursday-Saturday. The price of delivery is included in the 1-off £56.00 payment. All deliveries will arrive in our fully recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable kraft paper mailers, our coffee bags are home compostable and you can find out more information about our packaging here.

    Available as roasted whole beans or ground for espresso, filter or cafetiere.

    Coffees will be roasted and posted on the following dates

    • June 22nd
    • June 29th
    • July 6th
    • July 13th
    • July 20th

    The first coffee on June 22nd has already been sent - if you order now, we will send your first bag immediately and then the remaining 4 will follow on the above dates.

    Question not answered above? Sorry about that 🙁 please get in touch by sending us a message via the form here and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!