Gorilla Gear MYTHOS BLACK 75mm

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The Nuova Simonelli Mythos One is the current go-to espresso grinder, coffee bars all around the world are placing multiple Mythos grinders on the bar and with it’s Clima Pro technology aiming to increase consistency, John Gordon of Gorilla Gear is aiming to push that bar higher with the new Gorilla Gear Black for Mythos that will increase your dose consistency and extraction, reduce static and clumping, increase the operating temperature stability and bring a higher taste quality and clarity in the cup.

All Gorilla Gear burrs are pre-seasoned during the manufacturing process.

Once pre-seasoned they are hardened, post-hardening the burrs they are then treated with a low friction coating to drastically reduce surface friction. This aids in reducing equipment operating temperature, static and excessive heat.

The life of your burrs is important and as well as using a high-quality tooling steel, after their custom pre-seasoning treatment the burrs are also hardened.

Hardness - HV ( Vickers Pyramid Number )

Standard Steel Burrs - 800 HV ( Mythos Titanium Burrs - 2,500 - 2,700 HV )
Gorilla Gear Black Burrs - 2,500 - 3,000 HV

Gorilla Gear's aim is to produce products that aid in attaining as close to a unimodal grind as possible.

Through thorough testing, Gorilla Gear have been able to gain higher extractions and clarity in the cup through reducing surface friction. Their low friction coating is the final stage of production and also gives their burrs a stunning black finish.

Friction Factor Comparison
Standard Steel Burrs - 0.8-1.0 ( Mythos Titanium Burrs - 0.75 )
Gorilla Gear Black Burrs - 0.1

For burr performance data please click on the following link for a .PDF from John...

Link to Gorilla Gear

For the very best results Gorilla Gear recommend installing their burrs using the following burr alignment...

Link to Gorilla Gear

Are you interested in ordering these burrs as a wholesale customer? If you're after 5 or more sets please get in touch with us at wholesale@hasbean.co.uk so we can look after you : )

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