Finum Teeli Flip Tea Filters

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A great accessory for when you've got loose leaf tea and want to create your own amazing quality teabag!

These fibrous filters from teeli contain mainly woodpulp and hemp fibers, which contribute to taste neutrality.  All fibers are either bleached with oxygen or hydrogen peroxide.  Brew to the desired strength and then easily remove the filter to stop brewing.

The design of the finum flip filter is patented in that the back is longer that the front.  This forms a kind of a slide shape, which makes filling it up with tea easier and neater.  No filter holder is needed - the filter can just be held with the lid of the tea pot.  During the brewing process, the bottom fold is opened which increases the extraction.

100 unbleached filters in each box.

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Finum Teeli Flip Tea Filters