Sourcing Report 2019

To us, building and maintaining strong, healthy, professional and friendly relationships with our partners at origin is crucial to our success. Our producing partners are our friends. They are key members of our extended global team – all working towards the same combined goal of quality speciality coffee, sourced as responsibly and sustainably as possible.

Our sourcing philosophy is to help our producers understand their cost of production. When we buy our green, we cover this cost of production along with a premium, to make sure the relationship has longevity and is rewarding for all involved. Where possible, we hold long-term contracts with our partners with the intention of giving them the confidence to plan for the future, us the ability to secure long-term supply, and our customers the opportunity to build an affinity with the coffee they drink.

Good coffee is available from many sources – but exceptional coffee that is sourced from people who share our key values is not easily found – it takes a lot of hard work. We believe that we have achieved this through our rigorous sourcing philosophy, our dedication to building meaningful relationships at origin, clear and meaningful communication, consistent measurement and our dedication to nurturing long-term partnerships.

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