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How Has Bean Began

  I have always enjoyed coffee, and always been a little weird with it too. Not in a bad way, more in terms of quality and choice. I remember asking, as a seven or eight year old, for a filter machine for Christmas, and drinking filter coffee when no o­ne else in the house did. I recall enquiring if my mom would allow me to choose the coffee myself, then spending a long time carefully making a selection. I really don’t know where this desire came from, or why I liked coffee so much. There was a shop in Wolverhampton...

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How to make an Espresso blend

  I often get asked how we build espresso blends here at Has Bean. I wrote an article on the subject many moons ago though I think the process of blending has moved on a bit since then, so now seems like a good time for a re-write. The first part of the process to produce any blend takes place in the mind and on paper. Before any coffee is tasted or anything is brewed, it is crucial to have some aims and objectives for the coffee. These can be diverse aspirations or simply seeking specific flavours within the blend....

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Death of the Blend

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and even more so recently; are we witnessing the death of the espresso blend? As specialty coffee industry gets better and better at spotting interesting and complex single estate single origin coffees and presenting them to the espresso community, I wonder if we are moving into a new world where blends take the back seat. This question has been brought to the fore by James Hoffmann winning the 2007 World Barista Championships (WBC) with single origin coffee. A couple of years prior to James’ victory, Troels Poulsen had used Daterra at the...

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What is the cup of excellence

What is the Cup of Excellence? Within this article I will attempt to tell you what the cup of excellence is and why it should matter to you. I will also attempt to let you know why it is so important to me and to Has Bean Coffee. Cup of excellence is a stringent selection process and competition currently held in seven south American countries. The aim of the competition is to find true coffee excellence and the best coffee from that country for that harvest. This is done by first of all using a team of people involved in...

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Fair Trade for who? A counter view to the Fair Trade debate

This article discusses and investigates what fair trade is, what I don’t like about it and the alternatives that exist. Has Bean made a bold statement in 2002, to no longer stock any Fairtrade products. This hurt us financially and meant that some of our customers went elsewhere. I make no apologies for my position on this and will use the following article to explain why, and how these decisions were made. To start off, I’m not an evil capitalist that believes farmers should be suppressed so that coffee roasters can make all the money from coffee. The only way...

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